proven workforce

management solutions

Forget using spreadsheets to plan your resource.


PeoplePlan is powering blue chip production, warehouse, and transport networks across Europe; providing cutting-edge solutions tailored to local and national requirements.


By drawing on the business intelligence and planning efficiencies provided by PeoplePlan, you too can drive savings on labour and agency spend and achieve fast and significant return on investment.

Visibility, efficiency, integration

& control of your labour force

Clients include


Provides a centralised,

interlinked view of staff availability, holidays

and absences for

real time visibility of

effects on planning.


Utilises employee data

such as contracted hours, holidays, TOIL and skills

to optimise planning.

Input/export data by hand

or via 3rd party integration.


Speeds up and simplifies planning and scheduling by calculating and allocating labour, and highlighting shortages and overmanning. Importing of Actuals gives live situation.


Configurable permissions control who can see and update specific data. Rules and business logic support compliance. Audit features give accountability.


PeoplePlan Reporting gives

real time, historical and forecast information to enable strategic analysis

via standard and

bespoke reporting.





  • Feed/input Production Plans for SKU based running requirements
  • Employee qualification, availability and contract information
  • Auto-allocation of staff to Production and supporting roles
  • Visibility of under/overmanning and easy cover options
  • Employee leave and overtime request process
  • Forecasting and analysis tools


  • Feed/input route plans for daily schedules
  • Driver licence, skill, restrictions, availability and hours information
  • Auto-allocation of drivers aiming to balance hours and minimise cost
  • Agency visibility and requests
  • Driver notification of shift and route information
  • Import/Export of key data


  • Client/Department volume distribution and target pick time
  • Employee qualification, availability and contract information
  • Auto-distribution of resource, calculation of capability and variance
  • DWR and OWR calculations
  • Budget vs actual volumes, rates and ratios
  • Feed/input of Actual performance