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The power of DLM in your pocket

The DLM StaffConnect app has been developed in response to multiple client requests for a mobile version of our DLM platform. The large increase in use and relatively cheap availability of smartphones has made it possible to develop and offer a mobile app that will give our clients the ability to provide staff and managers access DLM data from anywhere at anytime.

This flexibility and freedom of access to DLM via the StaffConnect app will deliver continued gains in work practice efficiency as Staff and Managers can get the information they require, wherever they are.

DLM StaffConnect will give employees a simple, clear, accessible and intuitive interface to the parts of DLM that matters most to them.

In addition to accessing DLM data in the at a glance view, StaffConnect also enables the user to communicate and interact with other users e.g. Requesting Overtime / Holiday.

At eleventeenth we pride ourselves on flexible technical and financial solutions to meet specific needs of our clients. DLM StaffConnect is another solution designed to improve our offering to you and help you realise all of the benefits that the DLM platform provides.

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